Fall Traditions, Texas Style

A recent trip home to Texas reaffirmed my love of good ole’ times with family and friends, Tex-Mex, and blue skies.

I ventured to the local Houston farmer’s market for an early morning breakfast with my friend Kim who works with a renowned Houston food photographer. Strolling through the tents with my Parcel & Journey tote, I was at a loss over which Texan food I would like to indulge in: breakfast tacos, huevos rancheros, homemade cinnamon rolls.  I decided on an egg and sausage breakfast taco, a favorite food that I can never manage to find in New York. I loved browsing over the bright-colored peppers and chilies and the fall gourds and pumpkins while listening to the live country music playing.  

Speaking of pumpkins, anyone who has been friends with me for long knows that I do not pass up pumpkin carving when October rolls around. It was always a highly anticipated treat as a child, and I can’t seem to shake the desire to stick my hands into an oozing pumpkin each year and bake a batch of seasoned pumpkin seeds.  

This year my three siblings and I sat in the front yard and began carving into four pumpkins that had passed the rigorous selection process (no icky brown spots or flattened surfaces). I ended up carving a two-sided pumpkin: one surface with a Jack-o’-lantern and one with The Empire State Building.

Back in New York I celebrated Halloween dressed as Wednesday Addams, which had a pleasantly unexpected positive reaction from my friends. Thank you Carly for your kind nomination.

Now that Halloween has passed and the holidays are approaching, I find myself already longing to go back to Texas for relaxing and catching up with family and friends. Even though New York is now where I live, and have lived for over two years, it will never quite be home like Houston. Maybe it’s a pull only folks from Texas can relate to, but until I return one day down the road, there will always be a slight tug in my chest.

Does anyone else have that feeling?

xo KW